Sampling of Engagements

The following vignettes illustrate some of the success MCC, Inc. has enjoyed over the years….

  • A large midwest Primary Care Association is seeking a plan to measure Return-on-Investment for a population health management initiative involving over 30 health centers statewide. MCC is engaged, and develops an ROI plan with a companion tool that is adaptable to measure benefit using basic to more advanced approaches.
  • A San Diego-based CHC engages with MCC, Inc. to apply predictive analytics to adherence with diabetics. Data are mined, algorithms deployed, and the results presented at a National conference. Executive staff convene to implement new approaches to enhance adherence, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce costs.
  • A West-Coast-based HMO received 30-day notification from its exclusive laboratory provider that it has become insolvent. MCC, Inc. develops, distributes, and collects completed Returns-for-proposal to identify a replacement laboratory. Site visits are completed and a new statewide contract was negotiated and signed with a vendor 3 weeks later!
  • Los Angeles area medical group representing 80,000 covered lives becomes insolvent and ceases operation. Overnight HMO patients must select another medical group. Many of these patients must re-establish with another OBGyn. Through an MSO client, MCC, Inc. spearheads the organization of a new OBGyn specialty group and negotiates a premium reimbursement rate is established.
  • On behalf of 4 ambulatory surgery centers in California, MCC, Inc. negotiates the recovery and collection of over $500,000 in outstanding claims from a large HMO, and another $300,000 in claims from a multispecialty medical group during a six-month engagement.
  • During a 12-month engagement with a State corrections department, an analysis of their healthcare provider contracts is conducted and internal policies, processes, and personnel are assessed. Based on the results, a comprehensive training for health care contracting staff is completed with a 96% satisfaction level of “excellent.”
  • MCC, Inc. engages with a community health center in rural Louisiana to strategically develop and write a 330 New Access Point grant. The project is successfully completed and funded. The facility operates as a “safety net” for access to primary care in the area.
  • A Federal agency determines there is a need to provide an intensive, two-part educational series on managed care to its field office staff in 10 locations around the United States. MCC, Inc. is engaged to write the curriculum, develop materials and conduct the educational trainings. The entire project was completed over the course of 9 months with a 98% rating of “excellent.”
  • A local DME (Durable Medical Equipment) company suddenly assumes risk on 300,000 capitated patients for DME from a large Physician Practice Management company. Their administrative infrastructure is not completely ready and MCC, Inc. is engaged. The client’s billing and collections capabilities and readiness is assessed and a plan for improvement developed. The project is completed within a week and the changes are made to avert potential financial ruin.
  • An east coast Primary Care Association representing 9 community health centers engages MCC, Inc. to analyze the risk and potential of a business offering by an upstart HMO. Through an analysis model, MCC, Inc. questions the actuarial soundness of the model. A contract was not signed and the HMO did not become operational. A potentially catastrophic situation was averted that could have left patients without care and health centers with bad debt.