Strategic Partners

Rick Wilk, MPH, MBA, Chief, Strategies and Business Development

Rick Wilk, MPH, MBA, Chief,Strategies and Business Development is recognized as a national leader with a depth of experience in healthcare that spans over 30 years. Over the course of his career he has led organizational transformations through executive-level employment in for-profit, non-profit, and governmental systems of care. His experience with local and national healthcare delivery system expansion has impacted the healthcare landscape nation-wide. As the former Director for Business Development at Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Mr. Wilk was the architect of the Alternative Financing Program, a multi-sector partnership initiative. To implement this national program, he successfully led several diverse teams of professionals to consult with health systems, Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHCs), and community and governmental entities to leverage over $27M and 148,000 people in resources to access services. This initiative has been credited with inspiring many “models that work” as alternative solutions to the uninsured across the United States.

As Chief, Strategies and Business Development at MCC, Mr. Wilk brings his talents and his connections to an innovative and unique company. In this key executive role, Mr. Wilk will endeavor to partner MCC with other healthcare enterprises seeking business solutions. As such, he will endeavor to build on his years of experience in building access to services, care coordination, and chronic disease management. One such area of high priority includes accelerating the application of advanced analytics technologies to the area of Population Health Management, and medication adherence. As such, Mr. Wilk will deploy transformative meeting facilitation skills to bring together enterprising organizations to meet these and other challenges facing the Industry today.


Sravan Elinani, MS

Sravan K. Elineni, MS, is a high-level data science professional with over 8 years experience with data warehousing, big data and programming. His core competencies include data mining, advanced analytics/predictive modeling, statistical reasoning, and mathematics. Professionally, Mr. Elineni has applied subject matter expertise to the healthcare field where he has been instrumental in conducting member retention analysis, population health management, provider profiling, risk adjustments, terminology updates through NLP, claims adjudication work flows and anomaly detection. He has successfully applied the use of decision trees, regression modeling, GBM, random forests, deep learning and other machine learning algorithms including natural language processing and sentiment analysis. Mr. Elineni brings reporting competencies in Oracle, SQl Server, SAS, Greenplum, Hive, and mysql. He brings a Bachelors of Technology from Nagarjuna University, India in Engineering, and a Master of Science from University of South Florida, Tampa specializing in Robotics Engineering. Through MCC, he has been instrumental in applying advanced analytics in the area of medication adherence.